Course in Social Media Marketing

Course in Social Media Marketing

Do not get lost in the networks has launched the 4th edition of the Social Media Marketing Course in Bilbao Eutokia certified by AERCO-PSM, aimed at training professionals capable of planning and executing social media strategies that integrate with the marketing objectives of the company.

In this edition they have Several professionals specialized in different areas that will help you to get into Online Marketing from the Social Media specialization. Together we work to train professionals who become essential in the company. Amaia García Dosouto (@agdosouto), training coordinator and teacher in the course explains that “ we try to extend an efficient work method that I think is essential for us to focus on objectives and properly assess our work.

More and more often, I speak with companies that have been able to have an authentic Social Media professional in their workforce and have realized the importance of their work for their business. ” The course is 100% face-to-face and fully customizable: it is divided into 6 modules and each student can decide which ones they want to take. Whoever completes the training (120 hours) will receive a Certificate in Social Media Marketing and will access our job board to which more and more companies are turning. This year, as a novelty, to those who wish to complete the complete course (6 modules), a final project will be proposed in which to apply what they have learned, which will be tutored and evaluated by a recognized professional of the Social Media of AERCO- PSM With the approval of this project you will get the Certificate of AERCO-PSM and Do not get lost in the networks in Social Media Marketing.

  The selection of content, the tutoring practices in the classes and the support materials we have prepared will allow the participants to put into practice everything they have learned from day one. Students will learn to analyze the starting point of a brand in social media, to plan actions and select the most appropriate tools to carry them out. We will see how to create and energize really attractive content that, in addition, help to position your pages in search engines. And we will show how to measure the results of these actions – with analytical tools for both social media and the web – to guide new actions and improve their day-to-day work. Classes begin on March 4, 2016. If you want to inform yourself, know them on their website.