Participate in Social Innovation Starts with Your Home and Family Secure

My unsure of which one in the Family health security to avail

As a housewife, yes. that title above really reflects my feelings.

Have you ever feeling the same as I did? If yes, then we’re just in the same boat. I’m a bit worried about my family health. As you know, a lifestyle that needs being fast-paced, making you seldom do exercises. Not just that, the solid working hours like “forcing” people too tired and wanna take a break during home. Even they still wanna to exercise, the day already too dark to do it. Or their body already too “weak” to do it.

They also didn’t eat properly due to they’re busy. Especially when they are on deadline schedule. Those things above are only just a few reasons for me to worry about their health. And sometimes, I show it with angry faces. Do you also do that too? I guess all the mothers over the worlds ever do that as their express to their beloved family.

Even we control all of our families activities at home doesn’t mean they were secure. How about the children when they’re in school? Or do our husband eat appropriately in his office? We don’t know it sure. Social innovation starts from home become so impossible.

As a result of unhealthy lifestyles such as consuming junk food, lack of movement due to exhaustion of work, the game addicts, and the laziness to live a healthy life itself. Make we are thinking to take part in social innovation starts at home.

Well, now I started to take more take part in Social Innovation begins with your home and family secure. I woke up earlier than before, just to make them some prepared meal. Usually, they only eat bread and drink milk for breakfast. Now, sometimes I change the fluid with some juice to fulfill their nutrition. And also tummy.

I even really watching them for their activities due to fulfilling my mission in social innovation starts with your home and family secure. I want to remove all of my unsure of which one in the Family health security to avail.

I also limit their activities to cellphones and directing them to start playing outside. We even begin practicing jogging every Sunday morning. I also bought best elliptical under 1000 bucks. To do help and exercises at home. So my husband doesn’t have any reason again to ditch. My daughter, son, and grandmother, YES! especially my grandmama, I saved her life by calling Great Call that was recommended by HSH website. Not do yoga because of so many the weather reason. With best elliptical under 1000 bucks, we still can do exercises at home, even on the rainy day. My unsure of which one in the Family health security to avail already gone now. And now my mission to prove social innovation starts with your home and family secure, are completely done. Now it’s your turn to show it!