Bilbao Ekintza has among its aims to contribute to the economic, strategic and solidarity development of the Municipality of Bilbao, increasing the employment and competitiveness of companies, by designing and implementing programs to adapt human resources to business needs, support to the creation of new companies and of investment and improvement of the management of SMEs.



It is a business incubator started by Bilbao Ekintza promoted by the Bilbao City Council and managed by the company Init that promotes new business initiatives.

As catalysts for social innovation, we want to stir and awaken creative capacity and put it into action to generate economic, social and environmental wealth in real terms, facilitating the conditions and accelerating the processes so that the ideas become real business projects that provide answers to current challenges as soon as possible.



Be at the head of centers of social innovation and entrepreneurship giving support to ideas and projects.

Grow and expand our space for coworking and entrepreneurs.

Be managed from excellence.



Cooperation (we work together, coworking spirit)

Creativity (we are innovative)

Competitiveness (we try to be in front of everything)

Excellence (we always give the best of ourselves)

Optimism (we always think positive)

Professionalism (we work with a high performance)

Be Competent (we are effective and capable of anything)